Múm | Union Chapel | London


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Tickets on sale Friday at 9am: https://rockfeedback.seetickets.com/event/m-m/union-chapel/1367553

On December 23. 1999, roughly a week before the whole world was destroyed by the Y2K problem, Icelandic electronic band múm released Yesterday was Dramatic Today is OK.

On the evening of that day the band stood outside of a shop on the main street of Reykjavík selling the album to rushing christmas shoppers. But it wasn’t until later, when the album got its second release in 2000 and then the subsequent international release in 2001, that the albums ripples began to be felt.

“Sublime and gorgeous” Pitchfork said in their review, calling it “one of the most deeply, purely emotionally affecting albums of the year.” The Guardian called it "passionate and gorged with special talent“ in their 5/5 review. In 2005 the album was performed live in its entirety at the Barbican in London as part of the ATP curated Don’t Look Back series.

This year sees the 20 year anniversary of this innovative and influential album, with a special vinyl release and a short tour to celebrate.