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  • Sébastien Léger Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Sébastien Léger is a French house DJ and producer. Currently ranked No. 138 on The DJ List, his singles "Hit Girl", "Hypnotized" and "Aqualight" have become hit dance singles played in clubs across Europe
  • Kollektiv Ost Berlin, Germany

    | Who's Kollektiv Ost? Birds of feather flock together: Both Sandro Schäufler and Marcel Schulz originally come from the land of the thousand lakes, the North-Eastern German state of Mecklenburg and both have a passionate enthusiasm for electronic music and everything that relates to it since their early youth. They established the “collective East” around 2003 when it became a synonym for frisky underground raves, today it stands for the musical weekend relationship of the two. It is a “weekend relation
  • Mimi Love Berlin, Germany

    Genres are just boxes — Mimi Love plays moods
  • Danny Faber Berlin, Germany

    Danny Faber is clearly a visionary with a pioneer spirit. In Berlin, during the 2000s, he opened the legendary BAR25 with a few friends – a cultural microcosm that would become a source of inspiration to an entire techno generation in the years that fo..
  • Felidae Berlin, Germany

    DJ Producer from Berlin, Germany
  • A.D.H.S. Berlin, Germany

  • Techno Jesus Berlin, Germany

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