FABRICLIVE XX: History of FABRICLIVE, Souped Up & 10 Years of Lifestyle Music


  • Rusko London, United Kingdom

    Rusko is a dubstep DJ/producer who is closely affiliated with Caspa, a fellow DJ/producer who is an influential figure within the dubstep community, not only as an artist but as the founder of several influential labels (i.e., Storming Productions, Dub Police, Sub Soldiers). The two sometimes perform as the duo Caspa & Rusko, including a DJ set at the 2008 Glastonbury Festival. As a solo artist, Rusko (born Chris Mercer and originally from Leeds, England) made his production debut in 2006 on Dub Police w...
  • Stanton Warriors

    Stanton Warriors are an English DJ and production duo consisting of Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley
  • J Majik London, United Kingdom

  • Cimm London, United Kingdom

  • Inja London, United Kingdom

  • Carasel London, United Kingdom

  • Ill Truth London, United Kingdom

  • Combine Toronto, Canada