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Shooglenifty was formed in 1990 by musicians from the Scottish Highlands, Orkney and Edinburgh, it's bright spark was the idea of fusing traditional and traditional-sounding melodies with the beats and basslines of a mixed bag of more contemporary influences. As happy playing a small highland village hall as they are on an outdoor festival stage playing to tens of thousands, the Shoogles (as they're known to their fans) have promoted Scottish music all over the world for nearly three decades. Lighting up the stage with joy and verve has always been Shooglenifty's usp, but with new fiddler in the shape of pint-sized fireball Eilidh Shaw they've uppped the ante. Fresh from some high profile appearances including a show at the Edinburgh International Festival with recent recording collaborators: Dhun Dhora from Rajasthan and Tanxugueiras from Galicia, the band are on sparkling form.