Regurgitator | Kingscliff Beach Hotel | Gold Coast

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Emerging in the independent undercurrent of Brisbane’s 90's music scene, the past 2.5 decades have seen Regurgitator grow with a ceaseless reinventive spirit, as they've played with a dash of self-parody, and have thrived off effervescent outsider enthusiasm. Now, they're coming to the Kingy to hit the quarter-century mark with a fully-blown, visually rehabilitated retrospective of a show!

After 11 albums, 7 EPs, 905 performances and a partridge in a pear tree, Regurgitator have plenty of numbers, names and experiences backing their incredible career! They've had some great times playing with the likes of DEVO, Boredoms, The Prodigy, TISM, Audio Active, CIV, The Mint Chicks, Ratatat, Senyawa, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Helmet, The Melvins and more, including the odd collaborative excursions into theatre, dance and live soundtracks (and who could forget 21 days spent inside Channel V's glass bubble)!

Regurgitator has always sought the open pursuit of creative probity, humour above serious intent, sustainable mentalities above any need for dominance, and are about as honest as is humanly possible. All in all, they're just a bunch of top-notch dudes with a passion for good vibes and good times!

Joining them for this legendary time warp is none other than Japan's icons of sugar punk SHONEN KNIFE, along with contemporary compadres THE FAUVES.

Catch them at The Kingy LIVE October 25!