Spooky Nature with Miguel Migs and Rich Medina


  • Miguel Migs Ibiza, Spain

    Miguel Migs personifies the chilled-out, soul-driven vibe of the Naked Music concept. Combining the best of both the electronic music world, with live instrumentation to create an organic-soulful sound to his original productions and remixes.
  • Rich Medina Ibiza, Spain

  • Jamie Swing Ibiza, Spain

    Exposed to the San Francisco HOUSE scene in 1994, Jamie Swing (formerly DJ Swing) wanted to put his own signature on the scene and in early 1995, set out to do just that.
  • nina sol Ibiza, Spain

    DJs are the modern day griot, maintaining history through musical storytelling. Crates of records serving as a repository of tradition where knowledge, ideas and cultural material are preserved and transmitted from one generation to the next.

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