• Viken Arman Paris, France

    Viken Arman is a french producer, born and raised in Paris. He considers music as the mirror of his feelings. Versatile and elusive, he doesn’t restrict himself to a unique musical universe. Since his childhood, he has been exploring various musical registers, merging and composing them according to his mood. His piano knowledge confers him a musical culture as well as an artistic ease that help h..
  • Serge Devant Ibiza, Spain

  • Chaim Haifa, Israel

    Chaim out Tel Aviv releasing on BPitch Control and Supplement Facts
  • Just Emma Berlin, Germany

    Sie wohnen über den Wolken und ihre Heimat ist das Meer, so sagen sie selbst. Sie haben bereits Releases auf HanseHertz und Underyourskin zu verzeichnen, ihre Tracks sind deep und melancholisch. Ihre Musik ist Kunst.
  • Jiggler Berlin, Germany

    Jiggler (Stil vor Talent//Light my Fire)
  • Sven Dohse

    Dedicated to music as well politics and charity, regularly playing charity events for a good purpose, weighing in with his name and popularity for support
  • Dreems Yerevan, Armenia

  • Out Of Sorts Auckland, New Zealand

    It's easy to assume that Out Of Sorts came Out Of Nowhere when one of their first remixes made its way into the hands of Kompakt Records.....
  • Jamie Stevens Brisbane, Australia

    The heart and soul of Jamie Stevens' extensive body of work is his desire to deliver an individual experience, as he takes us on an excursion into the human psyche with each masterpiece. There are only a small number of composers within the electronic music realm that diligently share the same consistency, quality and humble nature of Jamie. This is Jamie's key attribute that will continue to be t..
  • Uone Melbourne, Australia

    Uone was conceived to the sound of electronic synthesizers. Born with 3 eyes, 4 lobes and headphones attached to his umbilical chord, his fate was predetermined.

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