fabric XX: Call Super & Objekt, Craig Richards & Very Special Guest


  • Call Super Berlin, Germany

  • Objekt Berlin, Germany

  • Craig Richards London, United Kingdom

    Craig Richards has realised worldwide recognition by staying in one place. His residency at Fabric is an unparalleled success
  • Bobby. London, United Kingdom

    bobby is the host of pleasure club, founder of needs (not-for-profit) and was selected by fabriclondon to be one of their new faces for 2019.
  • Imogen London, United Kingdom

    DJ/Producer/Radar Radio Resident.
  • VTSS Kraków, Poland

    VTSS is a Warsaw-based DJ and live performer; resident of the infamous label/parties Brutaż and a co-founder of Oramics collective.
  • Faux Naif London, United Kingdom

    Founder of MIIM (mouthiimouth)