FABRICLIVE: A.M.C Pres. 'Energy' LP Launch with Rockwell, Jubei & More


  • Rene LaVice London, United Kingdom

  • Brookes Brothers London, United Kingdom

    Phil and Dan Brookes, otherwise known as the Brookes Brothers, are drum and bass producers from London, UK
  • IC3 London, United Kingdom

  • 2SHY London, United Kingdom

  • Jubei London, United Kingdom

    Jubei is a name that’s on the lips of every drum & bass DJ who’s in the know. Whether it’s his solo productions, his work as a member of Code 3 (with SP:MC and Dakuan) or collaborations with the likes of Breakage, Alix Perez, Rockwell, Phobia, Icicle, Ulterior Motive, Vicious Circle, Cern, SPY, Lenzman, Logistics and Fierce, his music features heavily in the sets of the top tastemakers in the scene. Jubei’s first home, MC GQ’s Emcee Recordings released his 2006 debut ‘Still There’ and ‘Harvester’, a pair
  • DJ Die London, United Kingdom

    The city of Bristol and its contribution to British dance music over the last 20 years should need little introduction. From the early days of rave, through jungle and drum & bass, to dubstep and now house music, the sleepy West Country city’s reputation as a hotbed of musical talent and innovation has never diminished. Bristol’s distinction as a global epicentre for dance and bass music cultu..
  • Concord Dawn Auckland, New Zealand

  • Klute London, United Kingdom

    Klute is the primary recording alias of Tom Withers, the respected drum and bass and techno Producer and DJ from London, UK.
  • SP:MC London, United Kingdom

  • Mantmast London, United Kingdom