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The Greatest Show On Earth is back in Manchester for one night only! Step right up and witness our brand new, never before seen production, performers and immersive decor - all brought to you by the UK's leading club night!

This time around our headline performance comes from renowned selecta Romare! Support comes from our trusty residents including Hollie Profit - DJ, Clique, El Dorado Festival's very own Luke Wolfman and more!

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Roll up roll up.. the circus is back in town!

A travelling collective energy of colour, magic and dance. Only the most vibrant and open-minded party goers need apply. The 21st Century’s Moulin Rouge - burlesque meets bass. It's time for you to know about Cirque Du Soul.

Once a month we will invade the most quirky of hideouts in a selected city, dusting off the cobwebs, chalking up the cocktail menu and sweeping the stage for a sell-out showdown of bohemian madness.

The air will be soaked with the freshest collection of House, Funk, Soul, Bass, Disco, Garage and Hip-Hop this side of Chicago. Each city bags its own headliner - and the junkies can hop skip and jump to the next performance with our travelling troupe of misfits.. but space is limited.

You have to play by the rules of the circus. Admission refused without visual delights. Long tails and corsets, top hats and canes, glitter, sequins and feathers, blacks, reds, golds - you have to dress up if you want to get down. No exceptions

We've picked the cities, now you pick the circus.

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?: @CirqueDuSoul