Antenes & Erika / BMG [live] / Bill Spencer


  • Antenes Ibiza, Spain

    Electronics artist, DJ, producer, modular synth builder and operator based in Brooklyn, NY
  • Erika Ibiza, Spain

    Ectomorph / Interdimensional Transmissions / / Detroit
  • BMG Ibiza, Spain

    BMG is the man in charge of the Interdimensional Transmissions label and Ectomorph - two dynamic, long-standing Michigan institutions. Brendan M. Gillen is part of the history of Detroit as much as the acclaimed superstars. Through a network of pseudonyms such as Ectomorph, BMG, Flexitone, Existence And Uniqueness Of Solutions and others he wrote pages and pages of history. Brendan is simply one of the best techno / electro performers of the second wave of Detroit, a producer who was always in the sh