Bastion x Märked with Ruffneck, JKS, Falling Apart and More


  • DJ Ruffneck Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Patrick Van Kerckhoven is considered to be one of the founding father's of the hardcore sound. He is specifically responsible for initiating the creation of a sub genre of hardcore that became known as "Artcore".
  • Ici Sans Merci Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Ici Sans Merci a dj/producer of electronic music began his career in 2006 in the underground scene of Amsterdam where he was born and raised.
  • Ffranzz Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Ffranzz AKA high energy turbotron 5000
  • Løbster Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Techno dj that will keep you moving. Based in Amsterdam.
  • JKS Paris, France

    DJ/Producer based in Paris.
  • Falling Apart Berlin, Germany


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