Helena Hauff + Mozhgan + Dekmantel Soundsystem + Tom Trago


  • Helena Hauff Berlin, Germany

  • Mozhgan Ibiza, Spain

    Iranian born but California based Artist/DJ Mozhgan has been honing her dark arts on the decks for quite some time. In 2011 she started "We Are Monsters," a party to develop her passion for contemporary, dark, and mysterious dance floor sounds.
  • Thomas Martojo Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Tom Trago Amsterdam, Netherlands

    An internationally renowned DJ, producer, live performer and label owner with three critically acclaimed albums to his name, the Dutchman divides his time between all-day studio sessions, DJ gigs and live shows all over the world
  • Casper Tielrooij Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Combining all different genres which I like - such as (deep) house, techno, disco, dub (amongst others) - together, fusing it into one distinguishing mix in which I represent where I stand for, is what I strive for in music. I entered my world of mu..

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