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READY is not just Montaigne's most anthemic single to date, it's an anthem with something to say. "I was so reluctant to take ownership of it at first was so far I've been the self deprecating tortured artist who's talked about my neurosis, whereas this song is 'I believe in myself' and 'I'm ready to utilise my abilities'. That's something I've been working hard to finesse. "Putting a song out about self worth now, I'm in a place where I do think that much about myself, I work really hard every day to be really good at what I do, I've earned that confidence.” There's also a Trojan Horse factor buried in the lyrics of Ready. Sure it's booming pop song on the surface with that killer motivational chorus to remind yourself to stay on the grind ("I think I'm ready and I'm at the edge of the cliff, so let's begin..") and some seriously brilliant vocals. But in the song's final verse Montaigne sings "take me to the final stage, gimme gimme equal wage, I am no longer afraid.” The line sums up how the musician sees Ready connecting with the world. "This song is a resistance anthem for me. It's an uprise anthem. It's not about personal gain and being a hotshot superstar. It's about people coming together and fighting for their rights. Equal rights for women, for trans and queer people to have the same rights as heterosexual people, for heteronormativity to be dispelled, for the most vulnerable people in society to be looked after. Why shouldn't any woman be entitled to equal pay for the work they do?” Montaigne has partnered with PLUS1 so that $1 from every ticket goes to support Bush Heritage Australia a national non-profit organization conserving biodiversity in Australia. TICKETING: THU 07 NOV - THE GOV, ADELAIDE GENERAL ON SALE: FRI 08 NOV - BADLANDS, PERTH GENERAL ON SALE: SAT 09 NOV - MOJO’S, FREMANTLE GENERAL ON SALE: THU 14 NOV - SOLBAR, MAROOCHYDORE GENERAL ON SALE: FRI 15 NOV - THE ZOO, BRISBANE GENERAL ON SALE: SAT 16 NOV - THE NORTHERN, BYRON BAY GENERAL ON SALE: THU 21 NOV - TAP HOUSE, BENDIGO GENERAL ON SALE: FRI 22 NOV - TORQUAY HOTEL, TORQUAY GENERAL ON SALE: SAT 23 NOV - THE CROXTON, MELBOURNE GENERAL ON SALE: THU 28 NOV - UC HUB, CANBERRA GENERAL ON SALE: FRI 29 NOV - THE METRO, SYDNEY GENERAL ON SALE: SAT 30 NOV - UOW UNIBAR, WOLLONGONG GENERAL ON SALE:–-complex-album-tour/113181