Shelter; Carlos Valdes, David Vunk, Margie


  • Carlos Valdes Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Carlos Valdes has been at the heart of the Amsterdam scene for years, as a DJ, label boss and promoter. His DJ sets mix up everything from hypnotic techno to kicking house and, rather than playing all the big hits, he selects the records that make most sense at the time. He is well known for his classy and considered taste. This lead to him becoming one of the Techno curators for 22tracks.
  • David Vunk Amsterdam, Netherlands

    David Vunk owner of Moustache Records, DJ and Producer for labels as Moustache Records, OMNIDISC, Bordello a Parigi, Electronic Emergencies, Creme Organization, Lunar Disko and many more.
  • Margie Amsterdam, Netherlands

    One of the driving forces behind the impeccable Rush Hour brand is Margie, an avid vinyl collector who played at places like Concrete (Paris), Lente Kabinet and Radion. She's on the Sounds Familiar roster with icons like Sadar Bahar, Ge-Ology and Volcov.