Familia's 7th Birthday // Deborah De Luca (Extended set) Fabio Ferro


  • Deborah De Luca Milano, Italy

    Born under the shade of the sails of Scampia, difficult neighborhood at the periphery of Naples. Born in 1980, she embarked on a career in the music world working very hard  , starting as a waitress in many clubs and then as a dancer for several years.
  • Fabio Ferro Milano, Italy

    BIO: Fabio Ferro was born in Salerno on May 28th, 1991. At the age of 13 he starts his approach with music and becomes familiar with the console, vinyls and cds are his bread and butter. Stubborn, accurate and dedicated to what delivers fun, he creates his own way as a dj into the local music scene by playing as “Guest Talent DJ” in the best locations of the night movement. At the age of 16 he..