Miz Cracker | Auckland Town Hall | Auckland


Event details

Join us for a 60 minute feature length show with one of the favourites from Season 10.

This event will now be taking place in the Concert Chamber at the Auckland Town Hall. Existing ticket holders will be issued new tickets for the new venue.

Miz Cracker makes her Australian & NZ One Woman debut with her brand new show, American Woman.

“I’m excited to premiere American Woman because it brings attention to women’s rights at a critical moment. And it feels right to create something that speaks to the people who make up most of my audience – women. In the past year I’ve traveled alot, and I’ve seen how women around the world support drag and queer people. And I want to give something back.” Miz Cracker

Cracker will use comedy and performance to open a discussion upon the way in which drag queens and gay men can become better allies to women in an age where feminism is more important than ever.

This show was previously It’s Time, however Miz Cracker decided to bring her brand new Show American Woman in it’s place.