Clem Burke & Bootleg Blondie


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Clem Burke, Blondie's original drummer joins Bootleg Blondie to celebrate the classic Parallel Lines album (Heart of Glass, One Way Or Another, Sunday Girl, Hanging on the Telephone, Picture This) Hear the classic album in full + Blondie Hits and deep cuts! Bootleg Blondie are the Official Blondie Tribute Band, with the authenticity of Blondie's renowned and celebrated drummer, Clem Burke it's no surprise they are the only tribute band to ever play the legendary CBGBs. Burke's combo of crisp backbeat and kinetic Keith Moon-influenced bluster helped set Blondie apart from the pack. Burke had a presence and charisma beyond your typical sticksman. Debbie Harry said "He was into jumping over his drum kit fairly regularly… Clem showed up, and he was a real star. He could play, and you could tell that it was his life".