Rainbow Serpent Festival 2020


Event details

Rainbow Serpents is one of those festivals that gets better with every passing year until it becomes a symbol for the underground dance music communities worldwide. Began in 1997 as a small gathering, the festival has reached its 22nd edition. Hosted every year in Lexton, Victoria, at the end of January, the festival is an epicentre for Australia's "bush doof" dance music communities to gather and celebrate electronic music and everything that transcends it.
The festival is not for the faint of heart and caters to those that genuinely understand electronic dance. Supplied by rhythms of Psychedelic Trance, Techno, Drum & Bass, and Chill-Out, the festival itself is spread across five stages, all of which have their own striking allure. Within the festival boundaries, a small community is created under The Village. The location is considered a safe-haven for contemplation, community, and creativity. It allows festival-goers to connect and participate in activities that are soul relieving and enrich the curious minds of all present.
To showcase that Rainbow Serpent is more than just a piece of music, they've established the Bazaar, which is one of Australia's largest markets. It alures everyone to actively contributing to a more considerable festival experience. You can find everything from art, musical instruments, courses, and foods from all corners of the world. The foundations of the Rainbow Festival are deeply rooted in nature and human connection, and to this date, the festival has successfully managed to reach their intrinsic goals

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