Laneway Festival 2020 Auckland


Event details

St Jerome's Laneway Festival started off in 2004 as a concert series just outside a small Melbourne bar in an alleyway. The initial concept was called "Summer Series" where bands would perform on a stage every Sunday throughout the summer. Before they knew it, in 2005, the first edition of the festival was born with a sold-out crowd, ready to get down and party!
Laneway Festival now takes place in 5 locations across Australia, and the festival has extended its domination within the area as well in places like Singapore or New Zeland
The festival has prepared a phenomenal line-up for their New Zealand audience, which goes to show that people in the land down under know how to throw a top-shelf party.
Similar to their Australian iterations of the festival, the artistic souls of "The 1975" will be their festivals, main headliners. Alongside them, the excellent electronic sound of Rufus Du Sol, England's Charli XCX, or King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizzard will stimulate Aucklanders to dance and savor the music experience.
On January 27th, Lanaway Festival Auckland enters a new period with two stages at Albert Park Precinct. The Princess Street stage and the Block Party stage will benefit from a space increase with more shade, boutique bars, and Auckland street food! Those present will be able to experience the true meaning of Laneway Festival.

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