Babylon in the Park 2020


Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Kings Domain Gardens, Melbourne, Australia


The Sidney Myer Music Bowl is an outdoor performance venue in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is located in the lawns and gardens of Kings Domain, close to the Arts Centre and the Southbank entertainment precinct. It was officially opened by Prime Minister Robert Menzies on 12 February 1959, with an audience of 30,000 people, and is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

Event details

Babylon in the Park is a reinvigorated concept, developed by Babylon Festival organizers. The original concept and location of the festival had to change due to the extreme weather conditions unfolding in Australia. Thus, Babylon in the Park is the musical aftermath of the Australian fires, and it is taking an urban form.
The first edition of Babylon in the Park will take place in Melbourne, Australia, on February 23rd at Sidney Myer Music Bowl performance venue. Given the complete revision of the festival location, timeline and size, organizers have been forced to adjust the line-up and fit the locale.
The new location of Babylon in the Park, despite its urban appeal, will resonate with the original vision of the festival. The three open stages filled with a spectrum of electronic dance music rhythms will allow festival attendees to immerse themselves in a sea of refreshing and lasting sounds. To accommodate the diverse mix of audiences that will be festival ready, Babylon in the Park will create an enriching sound panorama, that best suits the domain. As a result, Kings Gardens will be host to a fable of sound and arts where time and space constraints work towards a shorter spanned musical experience. While the timeline is shorter, the strength of the festival will remain the same.
With a shaken-up line-up, Babylon in the Park has managed to maintain a high quality of sound by hosting artists, that can produce a comparable musical experience to the initial festival.
The legendary Carl Cox or the experimental masterminds of Pan-Pot will be the leading techno operators, while Enzo Siragusa will sustain the minimal house groove across the festival. No festival in Australia is complete without the psychedelic touch. The likes of Dickter or Ace Venture will enrich the festival sound with their smartly overpitched BPM's.
With a new locale and a similar festival concept that's rooted in the original Babylon Festival, the new musical gathering can be a gratifying surprise for any festival critique.

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