UNPLUGGED: Nirvana Reimagined


Event details

Running Times: Doors: 6:30pm Start: 7:30pm Finish: 9:30pm *Please note, these times are approximate and subject to change. This isn't just Nirvana with strings. Prepare to witness ASO transformed into a raging rock beast. Imagine About a Girl & Where Did You Sleep Last Night backed by a wall of sound big enough to match the angst in the songs. Picture Smells Like Teen Spirit & Lithium pushing the time punk broke into the stratosphere, accompanied with anecdotes. Using Nirvana's legendary MTV Unplugged in New York as inspiration, along with other works throughout Nirvana's discography, Unplugged: Nirvana Reimagined will take orchestral sounds to some seriously heavy & grungy places. Award-winning songwriter & veteran of sold out Nirvana reinterpretations from around the country, Justin Burford (from legendary b& End of Fashion) will lead the concert alongside conductor Jessica Gethin for two nights each delivered with the same raw emotion crafted by Nirvana back in the day.