Great Classics - Love Stories


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Conductor - Carlos Miguel Prieto Violin - Anna Im R. Strauss - Wind Serenade Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet (selections) The APO's wind section shines in Strauss's charming Serenade, written when its composer was still in high school. Anna Im, the winner of the 2019 Michael Hill International Violin Competition, shines in one of the peaks of the violinist's repertoire, Tchaikovsky's giant concerto. Then the entire APO shines, in extracts from Prokofiev's ballet. His imagination fired by the tale of Juliet and her Romeo, Prokofiev composed shimmering, weightless music for the lovers, virtuosic music for the fighting, transcendent music at the silent tomb, and unforgettable music for the audience.