Acid Pauli

Acid Pauli Berlin, Germany

Born in the 70ies in Bavaria/Germany Martin Gretschmann started to play bass guitar in a punk/indie band in the late eighties, while at the same time he started to be interested in the evolution of electronic music and their instruments. Especially the introduction of affordable samplers in that period led him towards the production of his first own electronic tracks. His first tracks under t..

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10 November: Day Tripping | Return to Rio | Sydney @ Return to Rio, Sydney, Australia

9 November: Living Room Festival @ The Timber Yard, Melbourne, Australia

8 November: Supermild Weekender @ Mitchelton Wines, Melbourne, Australia

8 November: Return to Rio @ Return to Rio, Sydney, Australia

30 June: Sunday Love: Acid Paul @ Flash, Washington D.C, United States

23 June: Acid Pauli & DJ Tennis: Permission to Land Sunday June 23 @ The Midway, San Francisco, United States

22 June: DJ Tennis and Acid Pauli Block Party: A Future Primitive Affair @ Gin Ling Way, Los Angeles, United States

15 March: Acid Pauli @ Mondo, Madrid, Spain

9 September: Acid Pauli, Nico Stojan & Britta Unders @ Public Works, San Francisco, United States

1 April: Acid Pauli, Pablo Bolivar, Scrounger, Mark Slee presented by PW, On&On, Below Radar @ Public Works, San Francisco, United States