Adam Shelton

Adam Shelton London, United Kingdom

Continuing over the last twelve months to champion music that is true to itself, Adam Shelton has an unshakeable focus on quality underground house. His debut EP ‘Air Trax’, due in February 2011 on air london, is part of a relentless effort to sketch out his own definition of authenticity. From sultry and atmospheric sounds to the acid-drenched and techy, the EP embodies the energy of his current musical course.

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Past parties with Adam Shelton

11 July: Mittwoch: One Records @ Watergate, Berlin, Germany

28 February: One Records with Subb-an b2b Adam Shelton @ Watergate, Berlin, Germany

13 January: fabric: Petre Inspirescu, Priku, Vlad Caia & One Records @ fabric, London, United Kingdom

23 September: Unusual Suspects x Housekeeping: Adam Shelton B2B Subb-An, Alex & Digby, DeWalta, & More @ Egg London, London, United Kingdom

9 August: One Records @ Watergate, Berlin, Germany

Wednesday: Paradise Closing @ DC10, Ibiza, Spain

10 August: Meet: One Records @ Watergate, Berlin, Germany

18 June: Elrow @ Space Ibiza, Ibiza, Spain

12 March: The Martinez Brothers, Adam Shelton, Subb-an & The Mole Live @ fabric, London, United Kingdom

2 March: Meet: One Records @ Watergate, Berlin, Germany