Addison Groove

Addison Groove London, United Kingdom

Addison Groove is, in fact, an alias of Headhunter, a dubstep mainstay who’s released a multitude of singles for Tempa as well as an album for the label, Nomad. He’s been playing Chicago juke in his DJ sets for a while now, and his work as Addison Groove is where that influence is allowed to come to the forefront, with stripped down drum machine beats, acid basslines and hip-hop / booty-leaning vocals.

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30 August: Red Bull Music Festival: Refractions @ fabric, London, United Kingdom

21 April: Hvywght presents: Swamp 10 @ Fire, London, United Kingdom

29 July: Fabriclive: Shadow Demon Coaltion with Bassman, Trigga, Shaydee & More @ fabric, London, United Kingdom