Alex Niggemann

Alex Niggemann Berlin, Germany

Persistent, stubborn, straight ahead! - Alex Niggemann can be best described as idiosyncratic, impulsive and selfcritical. What might be construed as negative for some people, are attributes that have paved the way to a remarkable career for this DJ and producer.

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31 May: Darkbeat @ Brown Alley, Melbourne, Australia

2 February: Nachtklub: Marc Romboy, Alex Niggemann, Tiefschwarz, Kristin Velvet, Stassy&wilck @ Watergate, Berlin, Germany

24 February: Nachtklub Pres. Extrawelt - Fear Of An Extra Planet Tour @ Watergate, Berlin, Germany

8 April: Aeon @ Watergate, Berlin, Germany

3 September: N.A.M.E: Alex Niggemann, Solee, Apm001, Mainro @ Rex Club, Paris, France

12 August: Vitamin @ Watergate, Berlin, Germany

22 April: Darkbeat Pres. @ Railway Hotel Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia

10 October: Watergate Nacht with Monika Kruse, Tiefschwarz, Alex Niggemann and Jimi Jules @ Electric Brixton, London, United Kingdom

15 August: Fact 5 x Serialism: Matthew Jonson, Alex Niggemann, Livio & Roby, Azimute, Alexi Delano @ Egg London, London, United Kingdom

12 August: Meet: Aeon @ Watergate, Berlin, Germany