Âme Berlin, Germany

Âme are German duo Kristian Beyer & Frank Wiedemann. Inspired by the music of Stevie Wonder, WestEnd Rec, Transmat, Weather Report and Herbie Hancock they describe they make Detroit-influenced deep house and music with soul

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Past parties with Âme

30 June: 19 Jahre Robert Johnson @ Robert-Johnson, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

3 March: Fuse presents: Âme Live — Echoes_ with Atoll @ Fuse, Brussels, Belgium

20 January: Fuse presents: Âme DJ, Downside, Pierre @ Fuse, Brussels, Belgium

1 January: Let Them Eat Cake NYD 2018 @ Werribee Mansion, Melbourne, Australia

28 December - 1 January: Beyond The Valley @ Beyond The Valley Festival Grounds, Melbourne, Australia

15 September: fabric presents: Âme (Live), Culoe De Song & Trust @ fabric, London, United Kingdom

16 July: Sundays On The Roof - Schwarzmann [Ame & Henrik Schwarz/ Innervisions] (Live) @ Output, New York City, United States

24 May: Finest Wednesday @ Berghain, Berlin, Germany

25 March: Fuse presents: Pierre's Birthday with Âme — Uvar Showcase @ Fuse, Brussels, Belgium

12 November: Innervisions @ Robert-Johnson, Frankfurt am Main, Germany