Andee Frost

Andee Frost Melbourne, Australia

DJ Andee Frost is that loveable type of bloke that keeps night clubs open for business, the care bear of the Melbourne music scene. Andee's eclectic style of Mary Poppins how much can you carry in that bag- what is this thing you speak of called acid-but we only know the mainroom remix-I thought the French eat snails not techno- has found him play the creepiest of little Melbourne disco dungeons and grotty siderooms of the most banging main room house clubs in the country. After developing his current stat

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Past parties with Andee Frost

25 August: The Love Above 006 - Got My Mind Made Up @ Glamorama, Melbourne, Australia

14 July: Animals Dancing: DJ Normal 4 @ Hugs&Kisses, Melbourne, Australia

8 July: The House De Frost @ The Toff in Town, Melbourne, Australia

3 June: Freedom Time @ Coburg Velodrome, Melbourne, Australia

31 March: Italo Dining & Disco Club @ 1000 Pound Bend, Melbourne, Australia

26 February: Awesome Tapes @ Shimmerlands , Melbourne, Australia

21 January - 22 January: First Baboon Civilization Orchestra Andee Frost Otologic @ Shimmerlands , Melbourne, Australia

1 January: Animals Dancing: NYD @ The Mercat Basement, Melbourne, Australia

21 December - 22 December: Off the Grid 2016 @ Arts Centre Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

10 November: Animals Dancing @ The Mercat Basement, Melbourne, Australia