Andy Butler

Andy Butler Ibiza, Spain

Andy Butler is the driving force behind retro-futurist disco house kingpins Hercules & Love Affair and label boss at Mr. Intl records. "I wanted to explain the real difference here between Hercules/Andy Butler releases. I ultimately make the aesthetic call across the board, but I feel Hercules has found its voice a little more and established its identity (though changing all the time, wink wink) which I want to honor. However sometimes I wanna do whatever the fuck I wanna do -ie put a stomper out for the D

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31 March: Snax Club @ Berghain, Berlin, Germany

17 September: Xoyo Loves: Andy Butler b2b Michael Serafini @ XOYO, London, United Kingdom

8 April: HMS Night Avec Andy Butler @ Badaboum, Paris, France