This energetic and talented DJ, producer, songwriter, and singer is mixing melodies that evoke a wide range of emotions, creating a positive and cheerful atmosphere among the crowd. BAYNK's amazing, vibrant performance is absolutely not to be missed.

Tour dates

Upcoming parties with BAYNK

Past parties with BAYNK

12 July: BAYNK | Christchurch @ Ngaio Marsh Theatre, Christchurch, New Zealand

10 July: Baynk @ Powerstation, Auckland, New Zealand

10 July: BAYNK | Powerstation | Auckland @ Powerstation, Auckland, New Zealand

6 July: BAYNK | The Landsdowne | Sydney @ The Landsdowne, Sydney, Australia

5 July: BAYNK | The Brightside | Brisbane @ The Brightside, Brisbane, Australia

4 July: BAYNK | Howler | Melbourne @ Howler, Melbourne, Australia