Abbots Yard

329 Victoria Street, Melbourne, Australia



Upcoming parties at Abbots Yard

Past parties at Abbots Yard

20 January: Coco Poco Loco Presents: CyberPink feat

25 November: CHI WOW WAH CITY - Vagabonds Carnival Experience feat Oceanvs Orientalis, Just Emma, Uone

25 February: Kiss + Tell: Day Party feat Willem

17 December: Utopia Day Party with Freedom Fighters & Modus feat Freedom Fighters, Modus

2 July: Family Values feat Bongani, Jozef Conor, Jydn, Timmus

14 May: DOPPEL • Open Air Melbourne feat Doppel

24 April: Thick as Thieves pres. 30 Years of Spacey Space feat Spacey Space, Honeysmack, DJ JNETT, T-Rek

6 March: Social Discoconut feat Bec Bartlett DJ, Daydreams

19 February: Where The Wild Things Are Afterparty 2022 feat

5 February: DUSK - OPEN AIR VOL. 2 feat Allysha Joy, Horatio Luna, Zepherin Saint, Cry Baby