Manchester Academy (Academy 3)

Manchester University Students Union, Oxford Rd, Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

Manchester Academy (Academy 3) is a 830 capacity venue located on Oxford Road, just a stone's throw away from the University of Manchester. It is part of the Students Union and serves as a multi-purpose venue for concerts, comedy nights, theatre performances and club nights. The live music venue features a huge central bar and two balconies for maximum visibility from every seat. The venue prides itself on its talent in showcasing upcoming acts and putting on a diverse range of live acts from across the world. It is a popular spot for local artists and newcomers to the music scene, providing opportunities for emerging talent. With its excellent sound and atmosphere, Manchester Academy (Academy 3) is a great place for any music lover.


Upcoming parties at Manchester Academy (Academy 3)

3 May: TORS feat Tors

4 May: Ocie Elliott feat Maren Morris

5 May: Rimzee feat

10 May: James McVey feat James McVey

14 May: Myles Smith feat Myles Smith

15 May: Rise of the Northstar feat

16 May: Patrick Droney feat Patrick Droney

20 May: Leah Kate feat Leah Kate

30 May: Elephant Gym feat Elephant Gym

4 June: Smith & Thell feat Smith and Thell

Past parties at Manchester Academy (Academy 3)

20 April: Personal Trainer X Pom Poko feat Personal Trainer, Pom Poko

19 April: L Devine feat L Devine

18 April: ADMT feat ADMT

30 March: Kota the Friend feat KOTA The Friend

22 March: Shawn James feat Shawn James

10 March: Greg Puciato feat Greg Puciato, Trace Amount

6 March: Lola Young feat Lola Young

16 February: Heavy Metal Assault Tour feat Girlschool, Raven, Alcatrazz

14 February: Here At Last feat

14 December: Jenn Carter, Kyle Richh, Tata x Aux (Manchester) feat Jenn Carter, Kyle Richh