112 Murray St, Hobart, Australia



Upcoming parties at Altar

Friday: Medhanit feat Medhanit

Saturday: Shag Rock feat

Saturday: High School Musical Party feat High School Musical Party

8 July: The Absolution Sequence feat The Absolution Sequence

9 July: Jack Carty | Wake To A Bright Morning Tour feat

9 July: Call Me Maybe: 2000s + 2010s Party feat Call Me Maybe: 2000s + 2010s Party

14 July: Thornhill | 'Heroine' Tour 2022 feat

15 July: Chase City + Lennon Wells feat Chase City, Lennon Wells

15 July: On Repeat: Glee Party feat On Repeat: Glee Party - Melbourne

22 July: Don’t Tell Malcolm feat Don’t Tell Malcolm

Past parties at Altar

25 June: On Repeat: Taylor Swift feat

24 June: ON REPEAT: MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE feat My Chemical Romance

27 May: Alice Skye | ‘I Feel Better But I Don’t Feel Good’ Album Tour 2022 feat

26 May: Nazeem Hussain feat

21 May: On Repeat: One Direction feat

21 May: Afro Vibe Night feat

21 May: HOT POTATO BAND feat

20 May: Judy's - Alexa's Funeral feat Pussay Poppins

20 May: Harvey Sutherland | Album Tour feat Harvey Sutherland

15 May: Raila Nights | Vek + Yabesh Thapa Live feat Yabesh Thapa, Vek