City Recital Hall

2 Angel Place, Sydney, Australia

Initiated by the City of Sydney and held under a 99 year lease from the AMP Society, City Recital Hall Angel Place is managed by Pegasus Venue Management (AP) Pty Ltd. Architects Peddle Thorp and Walker designed the 1,238 seat Hall in a shoebox shape, proven worldwide as the ideal shape for hearing western classical music. Based on the classical configuration of the 19th century European concert hall, the design includes gently raking stalls and two galleries that wrap around both sides and rear of the aud


Upcoming parties at City Recital Hall

8 October: Paul Kelly and Paul Grabowsky: Please Leave Your Light On feat Paul Kelly, Paul Grabowsky

Past parties at City Recital Hall

25 September: Singular Voices: Martha Marlow feat Martha Marlow

21 August: Singular Voices: Kee’ahn feat Kee'ahn

19 August: Mildlife feat Mildlife

10 July: Singular Voices: Robert Forster (solo) feat Robert Forster

20 June: Emma Swift feat Emma Swift

18 June: IAN MOSS feat Ian Moss

4 June: Singular Voices: Julia Jacklin (solo) feat Julia Jacklin

30 May: Singular Voices: Marlon Williams (Solo) feat Marlon Williams

30 May: Singular Voices feat Marlon Williams

29 May: MIDDLE KIDS feat Middle Kids