Civic Underground

388 Pitt St, Sydney, Australia

CIVIC UNDERGROUND is Sydney’s premier boutique entertainment venue. Formerly known as the Civic Theatre, an original cabaret and live rock venue. CIVIC UNDERGROUND creates a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere. A strip of red light lines the bar casting red hues onto a row of spacious white booths. The ceiling is illuminated by 26 LED square panels which continuously changes colour, further enhancing the club’s already sensual and seductive surrounding. THE SOUND SYSTEM is Australia’s finest and its crisp


Upcoming parties at Civic Underground

Past parties at Civic Underground

Friday: Paradise Club • James Pepper feat James Pepper

10 April: BnC pres. Back To The 'Civic' Underground feat MANU NEVES, Simon Lovell, Zankee Gulati

19 March: VOXNEON - Alternative 80's Club Classics feat Voxneon

31 October: The Witching Hour - Halloween Show @ Civic Underground feat

14 March: Project Pablo (Live) — Sydney feat Project Pablo

5 March: Folamour feat Folamour

6 December: Binary Finary | Civic Underground | Sydney feat Trance Central

29 November: Astral People pres. Kornél Kovács feat Kornél Kovács

13 September: Go Freek | Civic Underground | Sydney feat Go Freek, TBA

30 August: 3 Years of Sweat | Civic Underground | Sydney feat Big Miz, Persian Rug, Adam Dive