The Courtyard Theatre

40 Pitfield Street, London, United Kingdom



Upcoming parties at The Courtyard Theatre

22 November: Kai Bosch feat

Past parties at The Courtyard Theatre

8 November: Decisive Pink feat Decisive Pink

3 June: Arxx feat Arxx

7 October: Ericdoa - Re6ce feat ericdoa

3 June: Justin Jesso feat Justin Jesso

20 May: Leroy Sanchez feat Leroy Sanchez

7 April: Gemma Bradley Presents Whiplash feat Ellie Dixon, Tamzene, GLOWE

16 March: Tim Gallagher feat Tim Gallagher

16 December: Set Piece Menu Live feat

23 November: Josie Proto feat Josie Proto

10 November: Finn Askew feat Finn Askew