Cyprus Avenue

Caroline Street, Centre, Cork, Ireland



Upcoming parties at Cyprus Avenue

18 February: Randy Feltface - Feltopia feat Randy Feltface

1 April: Cian Ducrot feat Cian Ducrot

2 April: Cian Ducrot feat Cian Ducrot

Past parties at Cyprus Avenue

29 December: The Stunning feat The Stunning

17 December: Live Forever Oasis + Complete Stone Roses feat The Complete Stone Roses

16 December: The Frank & Walters feat The Frank and Walters

9 December: Block Rockin Beats feat

2 December: The Mary Wallopers feat The Mary Wallopers

26 November: QWEEN feat Qween

5 November: The Scratch feat The Scratch

4 November: Brian Deady feat Brian Deady

30 October: Jenny Greene feat Jenny Greene

29 October: Lyra feat Lyra