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Upcoming parties at Elsewhere

Today: Jacques Greene (DJ Set) feat Jacques Greene

29 February: Apocalipsis: “Traviesa” Release Party with Shell X (Live) and More feat Riobamba

29 February: Cinthie, Occupy the Disco feat Cinthie, Occupy The Disco

5 March: Sweat Equity with Alien D, Doctor Earth & Plebeian feat Alien D

6 March: Bonobo (DJ Set) Open to Close feat Bonobo

7 March: Mija (Live) feat Mija

7 March: Red Axes (DJ Set), White Lodge Jr. with 2%, Dude Skywalker feat Red Axes, Dude Skywalker

13 March: I Hate Models, Miley Serious & Dani Rev feat I Hate Models, Miley Serious

20 March: A-Trak (Open to Close) feat A-Trak

20 March: A-Trak (Open to Close) feat A-Trak

Past parties at Elsewhere

15 February: Classixx (DJ Set), Seb Wildblood, Tim Sweeney & Little Boots feat Classixx, Seb Wildblood, Tim Sweeney, Little Boots

15 February: Papi Valentine 2 feat Juliana Huxtable, Dj Haram, Oscar Nñ, Adam R, Manu Miran and more

7 February: Elseworld: Chaos in The CBD, Eclair Fifi, AceMoMA, The Revenge (Live) and More feat Chaos In The CBD, Eclair Fifi, AceMoMA, The Revenge, Jacques Renault and more

7 February: 13th Hour x Sub Let + Sana Fujimura feat SANA (US)

31 January: The Magician feat The Magician

31 January: Sentimental Rave, DJ Speedsick and Su Baykal feat Sentimental Rave, Su Baykal

24 January: Chris Malinchak feat Chris Malinchak

24 January: Mild Fantasy with Elle Dee, Solitary Dancer (DJ Set) & 夜露四苦4649 (Haruka Salt & Yuri Mizokami) feat Elle Dee, Yuri Mizokami

18 January: Hayden James (DJ Set) feat Hayden James

17 January: Leon Vynehall Special Guests feat Leon Vynehall