1192 Folsom St, San Francisco, United States



Upcoming parties at F8

Tomorrow: We Are Monsters: Batu feat Batu, Mozhgan

Saturday: Harder SF feat Chris Bowen, Steve Fabus, DJ Dreamcast

29 May: Housepitality: Toshiya Kawasaki, Victor Vega, Fil Latorre feat Toshiya Kawasaki, Victor Vega, Fil Latorre

31 May: As You Like It & Robot Ears with Oscar Mulero feat Oscar Mulero, Alterity, Anthony Jimenez, Lindsey Herbert, Mossmoss and more

5 June: Housepitality: Bill Converse, Carlos Souffront, Josh Cheon, Make it Funky Takeover feat Bill Converse, Carlos Souffront, Josh Cheon

7 June: Acid Test + FDM: Interstellar Funk // Ldy Osc Live feat Interstellar Funk, LDY OSC, Tyrel Williams, C.L.A.W.S., Alex Ohyama

14 June: Robot Ears 6 Year Anniversary with Developer feat Developer

19 June: Housepitality: Rick Wilhite, Joe Babylon, Hydef, Everett Leftside feat Rick Wilhite, Joe Babylon, Everett Leftside

26 June: Housepitality: Secret Studio Release Party with Exillon. Brown Amy, Vin Sol feat Secret Studio, Exillon, Vin Sol

28 June: Direct to Earth with Answer Code Request feat Answer Code Request

Past parties at F8

Wednesday: Housepitality: DJ Heather, Cachet, Chuwee feat DJ Heather, Chuwee

17 May: Official Movement Preparty - Direct to Earth a Couple SF Debuts TBA feat Edit-Select

15 May: Housepitality: Francis Harris, Michael Tello, Buckner & Friends feat Francis Harris, Michael Tello

12 May: Stamina Sundays: Halogenix, Bachelors Of Science, Flaco feat Halogenix, Bachelors Of Science

11 May: Parameter with Pinch, Simo Cell, Only Now feat Pinch, Simo Cell, Livity Sound, Only Now

8 May: Housepitality: Samone, Masha, Birds of Rhythm feat Samone, Masha, Birds Of Rhythm

5 May: Stamina Sundays: Hyroglifics • Stamina Crew • Emcee Tell feat Hyroglifics

3 May: Robot Ears: SHDW & Obscure Shape (SF Debut) feat SHDW, Obscure Shape, Mossmoss, Louiv

1 May: Housepitality: Michael Serafini, Nate Manic, Ray Reck feat Michael Serafini, Nate Manic

27 April: Polyglamorous - Elaine Denham & Robin Simmons feat Robin Simmons, BEYA, Mark O'Brien, major (1)