levels 1 & 2, 239 Lonsdale Street, VIC 3000, Melbourne, Australia



Upcoming parties at Ferdydurke

Past parties at Ferdydurke

28 March: Rendezvous + Sirsia (HVNCOQ) feat

5 November: Baba's House (Cup Eve) w/ Adriana and Ponzu feat

Saturday: AA #2 w/ Marley, Ryan Berkeley & Roche feat

1 April: Friends with Benefits at Ferdydurke feat

31 March: Out Of Luck 001 feat

30 March: Date Night feat

24 March: Triple Vision feat

23 March: Yet Variant - Hysteresis EP Launch feat

18 March: Trust 3rd Birthday feat. Secret Guest + Post Percy feat

17 March: Baba's House feat