levels 1 & 2, 239 Lonsdale Street, VIC 3000, Melbourne, Australia



Upcoming parties at Ferdydurke

23 February: Ferdy's Friday Feast feat

24 February: DRIP feat

Past parties at Ferdydurke

Saturday: Baba's House feat

9 February: Date Night feat

2 February: Do The Job! feat. Marija and Mickey Edwards feat

27 January: Compu-Rhythm: Hottest Eighty Four feat

26 January: INSTASIS Presents: Headroom feat

20 January: Baba's House feat

19 January: Do The Job! w/ Elliot Of Marco, Ricardo Salvador, Julian Castles feat

13 January: Three Shapes at Ferdydurke feat

12 January: Africa Arising w/ Faboo Sunjah (Alley Tunes) feat

8 January: Our Wedding feat