Sukhumvit Rd 23, Bangkok, Thailand



Upcoming parties at Glow

Today: Glow x Blast Sessions - nukier Invites U-Fø151 feat nukier

Tomorrow: Glow Sunday with Funkpheno, Moog on ly & Dimi Mechero feat Funkpheno, Dimi Mechero

22 December: Glow Sunday Sessions with The3RD & Gunya feat The3RD, Gunya

25 December: Rai jai Xmas Special Pres. Pxycho Unkle, Ju, OPTIKZ & Ska feat OPTIKZ

26 December: Glow Thursday with Damon Rider & Stu Grant feat Damon Rider, Stu Grant

27 December: Glow Pres. DOTT, Tetez & Thaistick feat DOTT, Tetez, Thaistick

29 December: Inpsycity Special with Oniryx, Jack the Jackal, Mushtribe feat Jack the Jackal, Mushtribe

Past parties at Glow

Friday: Glow Pres. Folic State, Ju & Jinten feat Folic State, Jinten

Thursday: Tech-Noir (tn-048) The Final Dance feat The Outsider, Marmosets, NT66, Naoki Imura

Wednesday: Glow Wednesday Special with Zeek & Thornado feat Thornado

8 December: Sonic Night with Kettenburg, Niskala & Puffer P feat Puffer P

6 December: Glow Friday with Junesis & 17° feat Junesis

5 December: Sound Element Pres. Martian Child & Ju feat Martian Child

30 November: Glow Pres. Mendy Indigo & MYLE feat Mendy Indigo, MYLE

29 November: Glow 14th Anniversary Party with Manuel De La Mare & Aardy feat Manuel De La Mare, Aardy

28 November: Odyz Pres. Jinten & Zitrus feat Jinten, Zitrus

27 November: Rai jai vol. 7 feat OPTIKZ