Green Note

106 Parkway, London, United Kingdom



Upcoming parties at Green Note

26 March: Track Dogs feat

14 April: Lynne Hanson feat

5 May: Jerry Leger feat

12 May: Rebecca Loebe feat

30 June: Henhouse Prowlers feat

Past parties at Green Note

12 September: Angela Hicks & Tom Gamble feat

11 September: The Vagaband feat The Vagaband

9 September: Gutter Street Nights feat

7 September: Candi Carpenter, Jade Helliwell feat Candi Carpenter, Jade Helliwell

4 September: Big Mamma's Door feat Big Mamma's Door

4 September: Jo Harrop & Nigel Price feat Jo Harrop

3 September: Raka feat

3 September: Coloriage Trio feat

2 September: Matt Woosey feat

27 August: Live Stream: Ian Siegal feat