243 Swanston St Walk, Melbourne, Australia

Lounge is suitably located in the middle of the CBD; the heart of Melbourne. Its space can accommodate for various functions that are catered by Gloria Swanston's Kitchen particularly during the day and evening


Upcoming parties at Lounge

Today: Disco Medio feat Dawn Again

24 January: Disco Medio feat DJ Rick (1)

31 January: Disco Medio feat Naise

Past parties at Lounge

12 January: Hometurf Pres. Black Loops (Germany) feat Black Loops, Van Oasis

5 January: Club Lux - Hannah Lockwood Nite Fleit feat Hannah Lockwood, Nite Fleit

29 December: Elbow Space w DJ Zozi & Hymns feat D. Tiffany, Hymns

25 December: Technoir's 13th Annual Christmas Party feat ACM, Simon Slieker

23 December: Lucid with Sleep D, Norachi, Emily Roseman & Darcy Justice feat Sleep D, 6am at the Garage

15 December: Three Mile: 2nd Birthday with Steve O'Sullivan (Mosaic/UK) feat Steve O'Sullivan, Roza Terenzi, Echo Inspectors

9 December: Lucid with Tornado Wallace feat Tornado Wallace, 6am at the Garage

3 December: Plexus with Chiara Kickdrum feat Chiara Kickdrum, Acid Mike

25 November: Lucid Francis Inferno Orchestra & Fantastic Man feat Francis Inferno Orchestra, Fantastic Man, Merve, 6am at the Garage

24 November: Kyoku Records Pres. Folamour [Moonrise Hill Material - FRA] feat Folamour, Andrew Fazzolari, Brendan Clay, Kyoku DJs