243 Swanston St Walk, Melbourne, Australia

Lounge is suitably located in the middle of the CBD; the heart of Melbourne. Its space can accommodate for various functions that are catered by Gloria Swanston's Kitchen particularly during the day and evening


Upcoming parties at Lounge

Past parties at Lounge

15 June: Baby Dance with DJ Jnett feat DJ JNETT

18 May: Sub Committee presents: Hodge (Livity Sound / Berceuse Heroique / UK) feat Hodge

11 May: Rhapsodise: Ascension feat Pjenné, Millú, Whiskey Houston

6 May: Plexus w/ PWD feat PWD, Lara Kills

28 April: Lucid with Moopie, I Zebra, Miranda, Seb Marcu & 6am ATG feat Moopie, 6am at the Garage

27 April: Conditioner & Guiding Principles feat Dawn Again

8 April: Plexus w/ Mha Iri feat Mha iri, Josh Wain

29 March: Baby Dance Pres. DJ Steaw (Rutilance Recordings / FR) feat DJ Steaw

23 March: Common Ground presents Jane Fitz (Night Moves / Freerotation) feat Jane Fitz, Merve

15 March: House of Friends feat Van Oasis