243 Swanston St Walk, Melbourne, Australia

Lounge is suitably located in the middle of the CBD; the heart of Melbourne. Its space can accommodate for various functions that are catered by Gloria Swanston's Kitchen particularly during the day and evening


Upcoming parties at Lounge

Friday: Bunker presents UVB feat UVB, Hyper Binary

17 November: Butter Sessions presents DJ Bone feat DJ Bone

Past parties at Lounge

14 October: Lucid with DJ Zozi (Can) feat Roza Terenzi, 6am at the Garage

7 October: Lucid: Leo James EP Launch Millú, Nick Murray & t.u.b feat Leo James, Millú, 6am at the Garage

1 September: Bunker presents Trinity & Magda Bytnerowicz feat Trinity, Magda Bytnerowicz, DJ Kiti

25 August: Rhapsodise: Issue 02 feat Simon TK

12 August: Lucid: Barry Sunset, Norachi, Darcy Justice, Josh Keys More feat 6am at the Garage

27 May: Lucid Pres. Earl Jeffers AKA Chesus (Ten Thousand Yen - UK) feat Chesus

6 May: Lucid feat 6AM AT THE GARAGE

29 April: Untitled feat Route 8

28 April: Untitled with Route 8 (Lobster Theremin - HU) Daze feat Route 8

27 April: Footnotes feat Julian Castles