243 Swanston St Walk, Melbourne, Australia

Lounge is suitably located in the middle of the CBD; the heart of Melbourne. Its space can accommodate for various functions that are catered by Gloria Swanston's Kitchen particularly during the day and evening


Upcoming parties at Lounge

Past parties at Lounge

18 April: Lounge: Thank You & Goodbye feat DJ JNETT, Sleep D, Dave Pham, 6am at the Garage

11 April: The Love Above 031: Goodbye My Lover feat Millú, Whiskey Houston, Ingrid, Dawn Again, DJ JNETT

5 April: overpast + Spin Club: Madteo (NYC) feat Madteo

3 April: Yakult with Merve, Millú & Pjenné feat Merve, Millú

30 March: Lucid presents DJ HMC (3 Hours) feat DJ HMC, Mike Callander, Jess Zammit, 6am at the Garage

29 March: Bunker presents The End: Our Final Lounge Show feat Moopie, Tim Heaney, PWD, Hyper Binary, D-REX

22 March: Butter Sessions feat Nummer, Sleep D, Jon Watts, Millú

21 March: Rhapsodise: Before we say Goodbye with Interstellar Fugitives + SB feat IN2STELLAR, Pisano, DJ Sarah

17 March: Blend feat Merve

16 March: Lucid presents Hieroglyphic Being (Live - Ninja Tune / Warp) feat Hieroglyphic Being, Louis Marlo, 6am at the Garage