New Guernica

Level 2, 322 Little Collins St, Melbourne, Australia

With decor and design that sits somewhere between Hansel & Gretel and Alice in Wonderland, New Guernica is a charismatic bar in the centre of Melbourne which is open seven nights a week


Upcoming parties at New Guernica

Today: Mirror 02 || New Guernica feat Tom Baker

Tomorrow: Subsonic Music & Eat The Beat Pres. Launch feat Joeski, Dylan Griffin, Etwas, Marcotix, Matteo Freyrie

30 May: Guerns Feat. Windtunnel O'brien (Hopkins Creek) feat Kritical

31 May: White Noise Pres. Rafael Cerato feat Rafael Cerato, Luke Lawrence

1 June: Eat The Beat presents: Barbuto [TX] feat Barbuto, Nick Reverse, Chriss Mattò, Etwas

7 June: Trust Return to Guerns Feat. Mitchel Gee v Paul Lynch & Lawless feat Mitchell Gee, Paul Lynch, Viktor (AU), Shannon Briggs, Alex Cram and more

8 June: Eat The Beat presents: ANOTR feat ANOTR, Matteo Freyrie, Chriss Mattò, Andrea Guadalupi, James Winter

9 June: Saddle Club ▬ Queens Bday Eve feat Casey Leaver

22 June: Eat the Beat: Music is the Answer feat Andrea Guadalupi, Leo Guardo

Past parties at New Guernica

Thursday: Guerns Feat. Andee Frost & Lotus Moonchild feat Andee Frost, Lotus Moonchild, Josh Wain

18 May: Guerns feat. Cassettes For Kids [3-hour set] feat Cassettes For Kids, Mu-Gen

17 May: Alter All Night - Handsdown & Leigh Boy feat Jozef Conor

16 May: Guerns Feat. Secret International TBA feat Dawn Again, Rev Lon

11 May: Eat The Beat: Be Crazy feat Etwas, Chriss Mattò, Andrea Guadalupi, BALTA

10 May: Λ / Π Record Launch feat Dj Kiti, Kritical

9 May: Guerns Feat. Sports [Syd] & Katia303 [Syd] feat Katia

4 May: Eat The Beat: Masquerade Party feat Matteo Freyrie, Andrea Guadalupi, Etwas, Chriss Mattò, Chiara Kickdrum and more

3 May: Tokyo Love Hotel Ft SUDO (sci tec, Mood, JP) feat SUDO, Kazuma Onishi, Mittens

27 April: Eat The Beat: Back 2 Back feat Etwas, Matteo Freyrie, Chiara Kickdrum, DJ Kiti, The Journey

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