New Guernica

Level 2, 322 Little Collins St, Melbourne, Australia

With decor and design that sits somewhere between Hansel & Gretel and Alice in Wonderland, New Guernica is a charismatic bar in the centre of Melbourne which is open seven nights a week


Upcoming parties at New Guernica

Today: White Noise & Morning After Pres. Budakid (NL) feat Budakid, Aves Volare, Edgework, Luke Lawrence

Tomorrow: Eat The Beat: Be Crazy feat ADIERO, nukier, Chriss Mattò, Etwas, Matteo Freyrie and more

1 March: Mirror feat Tom Baker

2 March: Eat The Beat: Music Is The Answer feat Chriss Mattò, Guadalupi

9 March: Eat The Beat presents: Manuel De La Mare feat Manuel De La Mare, Matteo Freyrie, Etwas, Chriss Mattò, James Winter

10 March: Https:// feat Silversix, Tom Baker

16 March: Eat The Beat: Be Crazy feat Andrea Guadalupi, Chriss Mattò, Matteo Freyrie, Etwas, Bex

22 March: Tokyo Love Hotel - ft MYLE (Thailand) feat Alex Robertson, Kazuma Onishi, MYLE

Past parties at New Guernica

Thursday: Guerns Feat. Baby G, Zjoso and Disrute feat Disrute

16 February: Eat The Beat: Music Is The Answer feat JPA, Chriss Mattò, Matt Radovich, Chiara Kickdrum, Louay and more

15 February: New Guernica presents Dezza Feat. Matter, Mike Rish, Lask, Muska, Tahl feat Dezza, Muska, Tahl

14 February: Guerns Feat. K2K (Bizarro/NZ) feat Oliver Francis, Cassettes For Kids

9 February: Eat The Beat: Be Crazy feat Tahl, Chriss Mattò, Etwas

8 February: 1 Year of Tokyo Love Hotel 'Matsuri' with DJ YUTA , Jon Connor feat Jon Connor, YUTA, EISEN, Kazuma Onishi

2 February: Eat The Beat: Music Is The Answer feat Matteo Freyrie, Chriss Mattò, Etwas, Fell Reis

1 February: White Noise Pres. Egbert Live & Secret Cinema [NL] feat Secret Cinema, Egbert, Luke Lawrence, Somersault

31 January: Guerns Feat. Moopie & Jess Zammit feat Moopie, Jess Zammit, Roy Mills

27 January: Saddle Club - Public Holiday Eve feat Spacey Space

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