Carrer Nou de la Rambla 113, Barcelona, Spain



Upcoming parties at Nitsa

24 May: Nitsa Robag Wruhme · Galcher Lustwerk // Astin: Andrew Weatherall feat Robag Wruhme, Galcher Lustwerk, Dafoe, Andrew Weatherall, Alicia Carrera

25 May: Nitsa: Somoslas: Zdar From Cassius //Astin: Fraternity: Ivan Smagghe & DJ FRA feat Cassius, Ivan Smagghe, Dj Coco

26 May: Nitsa: Bonus Track: Special Guests From Brunch In The City · Dafoe feat Dafoe

22 June: giegling X Barcelona feat Map.ache, Edward, Dustin, Konstantin

19 July: Kompakt Night with Michael Mayer, Anna, Weval, Barnt feat Tobias Thomas, Weval, Barnt, Anna, Michael Mayer

28 September: Astin: Plaid live! · Rian Treanor live! · Tutu feat Plaid, Rian Treanor, Tutu

Past parties at Nitsa

Friday: Nitsa: DJ Rush //Astin Club Marabú: Physical Therapy · Nahshi · Posh94 feat DJ Rush, Dafoe, Physical Therapy

11 May: Nitsa: Surgeon // Astin: Festival Seco: Cecilio G live! · SHYGIRL live! · Brat Star feat Surgeon, SHYGIRL, Brat Star

10 May: Fstvl Seco 2019 feat SHYGIRL, Brat Star

3 May: Nitsa:FJAAK live! · Luke Slater · Victor // Astin:Too Slow To Disco Neo en France: Yuksek · DJ feat FJAAK, Luke Slater, Yuksek, DJ Supermarkt, Dj Coco

28 April: Bonus Track: Special Guests From Brunch In The City · DJ FRA · Kosmos feat Dj Fra

27 April: Laurel Halo feat Laurel Halo

20 April: Nitsa: Juan Maclean live! // Astin: Aurora Halal · Carlos Souffront feat Juan Maclean, JMII, Shelby Grey, Aurora Halal, Carlos Souffront and more

19 April: Astin: Eris Drew · Prosumer · ISAbella feat Eris Drew, Prosumer, ISAbella

13 April: Nitsa Helena Hauff · JASSS // Astin: Bawrut · Dauwd feat Helena Hauff, JASSS, Ylia, Bawrut, Dauwd and more

12 April: Nitsa: Republique: Kittin · ROD // Astin: Club Marabú: BOK BOK · EL Mini Live · Bbcream feat Miss Kittin, ROD, Bok Bok

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