North Wollongong Hotel

3 Flinders St, Wollongong, Australia



Upcoming parties at North Wollongong Hotel

Past parties at North Wollongong Hotel

11 July: Y&O Sundays w/ Kobie Dee // Aodhan // Rissa // Kadir Salih // Sultans of Spin feat Kobie Dee, Aodhan

27 June: Y&O Sundays w/ Ali Barter (Solo) // Joel Leggett // Rancid Eddie // Blackout Fun Club // Sultans of Spin feat Ali Barter, JOEL LEGGETT, RANCID EDDIE, Sultans Of Spin

20 June: Y&O Sundays w/ Step-Panther // Hallie // Dopamine // imaginarypeople // Sultans of Spin feat Step-Panther and Mac the Knife, Hallie, Sultans Of Spin

13 June: Y&O Sundays w/ Phi11a // Don West // Yen Strange // Territories feat Phi11a, DON WEST

6 June: Y&O Sundays w/ Crocodylus // Royel Otis // Organs // Plain Wonder // Sultans of Spin feat Crocodylus, Royel Otis, Organs, Sultans Of Spin

4 April: Y&O Sundays w/ Totty // Egoism // Seathru // Chimers // Sultans Of Spin feat Totty, EGOISM, Seathru

1 January: North Gong NYD w/ LOODS // ? // SCABZ // HELLCAT SPEEDRACER feat

24 January: Fire Fundraiser feat Dune Rats, Tumbleweed, Hockey Dad