Revolver Upstairs

229 Chapel St, Melbourne, Australia

Revolver is divided into 2 rooms, depending on what time you go. The backroom is open 24 hrs on the weekend with grungey lounges providing a student sharehouse vibe that comes alive with the weird characters often seen at Revolver


Upcoming parties at Revolver Upstairs

3 June: Revolver Sundays present K-HAND feat K-Hand, Boogs, Spacey Space, Silversix

17 June: Revolver Sundays present Bontan feat Bontan, Boogs, Spacey Space, Silversix

24 June: Revolver Sundays present Nick Curly feat Nick Curly, Boogs, Spacey Space, Silversix

22 July: Revolver Sundays present Pig&Dan feat Pig&Dan, Boogs, Spacey Space, Silversix

19 August: Revolver Sundays present Audiojack feat Audiojack, Boogs, Spacey Space, Silversix

Past parties at Revolver Upstairs

20 May: Revolver Sundays present Late Nite Tuff Guy feat Late Nite Tuff Guy, Boogs, Spacey Space, Silversix

20 May: Revolver Sundays present Late Nite Tuff Guy feat Late Nite Tuff Guy

11 May: Doppler: Launch with Craig Mcwhinney, AKA Vohkinne feat Craig McWhinney, U-Khan, Edward Richards, Josh Wain

6 May: Revolver Sundays present Butch feat Butch, Boogs, Spacey Space, Silversix

5 May: The Late Show presents Bambounou feat Bambounou, Laila Sakini, Hysteric, Noise In My Head

4 May: Revolver Fridays pres. nd_baumecker feat nd_baumecker, Mike Callander, Paul Lynch (AUS), Dylan Griffin, The Journey and more

27 April: Fourth Place at Revolver III feat

20 April: Retayner - Calendar Man - Album Launch Fri 20 April Melbourne feat

13 April: AU Underground at Revolver feat

6 April: Tim Koren & Friends at Revolver feat

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