Ritter Butzke

Ritterstrasse 24, Berlin, Germany



Upcoming parties at Ritter Butzke

Past parties at Ritter Butzke

24 December: Knusperhouse feat Phonique, Leon Licht, Nils Hoffmann, Marion Cobretti

14 July: Zuhause with Animal Trainer, Wankelmut, David Keno feat Animal Trainer, Wankelmut, KlangKuenstler, Matthias Schuell, David Keno and more

13 July: Ritter Rodeo feat Christian Smith, Robert Owens, Lady Blacktronika, Techno Frühstück, Modest Crow and more

7 July: Neverland x Ragnarøk feat AnGy KoRe, deKai, Empro, Daniel Dreier, A.D.H.S. and more

29 June: Spieltriebrecordings Showcase feat Jake the Rapper, Spieltrieb, Sokool, Red Robin, Bardia Salour and more

23 June: Do It with Love feat Midas 104, David Mayer, Aaaron, Pascale Voltaire, Daniel Schumann and more

22 June: Nachtrausch with 2pole, Bondi Live, Danito & Athina feat 2pole, Bondi (DE), Danito & Athina, Rocko Garoni, Rob Me and more

16 June: Spotlight with Thomas Lizzara, Stereo Express and More feat Thomas Lizzara, Stereo Express, Kaiser Souzai, Dennis Beutler, Swaytone and more

15 June: Wasted Unicorns Sommerfest with Aka Aka, David Dorad, Niko Schwind feat AKA AKA, David Dorad, Niko Schwind, Channel X, Leon Licht and more

25 May: Retromania feat Sascha Funke

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