Ritter Butzke

Ritterstrasse 24, Berlin, Germany



Upcoming parties at Ritter Butzke

Friday: Sunday Drivers Journey feat Aaron Ahrends, Krink, Madmotormiquel, Midas 104, Jan Oberlaender and more

Saturday: Butzke with Lexer, Niconé, Marcus Meinhardt feat Lexer, Niconé, Marcus Meinhardt, Markus Klee, Oscar OZZ and more

29 March: Into the Desert with Secret, Rey&kjavik, RSS Disco, Caleesi feat Rey & Kjavik, RSS Disco, Caleesi, Heimlich Knüller

30 March: Nachtrausch feat Atlantik, Channel X, Lukas Meunier, Thomas Maschitzke, Anton Johnsen

31 March: 11 Years Fuck me Now & Love me Later with Dubspeeka (Drumcode) 4 Floors & 15 Dj´s feat dubspeeka, Empro, Yetti Meißner, Marcel Freigeist, Leon Licht and more

7 April: Speechless with Booka Shade feat Booka Shade, MUUI, Marc Poppcke, Yoram, Pascale Voltaire and more

13 April: Red Salon Pres. Dominik Eulberg & Solee feat Dominik Eulberg, Solee, Fidelity Kastrow, Lars Moston, Daniel Boon and more

20 April: Neverland feat Kerstin Eden, Niko Schwind, Yetti Meißner, Leon Licht, deKai and more

21 April: Homeparty feat David Keno, David Dorad, Toni Strauss, Lormes, Nicosh and more

30 April: Tanz in den Mai with Aka Aka, Mollono.Bass, Kollektiv Ost and More feat AKA AKA, Mollono.Bass, Kollektiv Ost, Pilocka Krach, DJ Jauche and more

Past parties at Ritter Butzke

17 March: 1 Year Retromania with Tiefschwarz, Oliver Schories, Kollektiv Ost, Dapayk, Daniel Steinberg feat Tiefschwarz, Oliver Schories, Kollektiv Ost, Dapayk, Daniel Steinberg and more

16 March: Steyoyoke 6th Anniversary with Soul Button, Nick Devon, Dahu & More feat Soul Button, Nick Devon, Dahu, BLANCAh, MPathy and more

23 February: Temple of Baal with Shall Ocin, Shlerner, Baal, Toto Chiavetta feat Baal, Shall Ocin, Toto Chiavetta, Schlepp Geist, Daniel Czerner

13 January: Retromania with The Glitz, Dapayk, Daniel Steinberg, Douglas Greed feat The Glitz, Andreas Henneberg, Daniel Nitsch, Dapayk, Douglas Greed and more

21 December: Karma #29 The Big X-Mas Edition feat Jiggler, Dennis Kuhl, Joshua Jesse

16 December: Red Salon with Julian Jeweil & Friends feat Julian Jeweil, Rene Bourgeois, Alex Flatner, Gunnar Stiller, Empro and more

15 December: Into the Desert x ℒaut & ℒuise feat Okaxy, Kleintierschaukel, Niju, Innellea

9 December: Draußen Ist`s Schöner Winterquartier feat Midas 104, Schlepp Geist, Kollektiv Ost, Namito, Marc Poppcke and more

8 December: Back2back Hosted by Obsolet feat David Jach, Kevin Over, Nils Hoffmann, Sokool, Younotus and more

2 December: Wasted Unicorns feat Andreas Henneberg, Bebetta, Dapayk, Daniel Steinberg, Empro and more

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