Ritter Butzke

Ritterstrasse 24, Berlin, Germany



Upcoming parties at Ritter Butzke

Friday: Speechless feat Thomas Schumacher, Pascale Voltaire, Frieda Who?

Saturday: Spotlight with Stereo Express, Sven Dohse, Sokool feat Stereo Express, Sokool, Denite, Michael Nielebock, Swaytone and more

Sunday: GMF - Official After-Party Werq The World (Rpdr) feat Larry Tee, Oliver Liefke

30 April: Tanz in den Mai with der Dritte Raum, Marcus Meinhardt, Phonique feat Der Dritte Raum, Marcus Meinhardt, Kollektiv Ost, Phonique, Henk and more

3 May: 3 Year Anniversary Fuffzig/Achtzig with Teenage Mutants and Many More feat Teenage Mutants, Cotumo, Markus Klee, Mehr is Mehr, Toni Strauss and more

4 May: Aus der Reihe Tanzen Opening feat Robosonic

10 May: Zuhause with Sascha Braemer, Einmusik, Prísmode & Solovane feat Sascha Braemer, Einmusik, Matthias Schuell

11 May: 9 Jahre Beatfreak with Akaaka, Umami, The Reason Y, Bondi... feat AKA AKA, Umami, The Reason Y, Empro, Daniel Boon and more

17 May: Parallēlum with Maksim Dark Live, Ninze, Carbon Live, Gyrl uvm. feat Maksim Dark, Heimlich Knüller, Ninze, Baba The Knife, Gina Sabatini and more

24 May: Retromania feat Andreas Henneberg, Jan Oberlaender, David Dorad, Niko Schwind, Pauli Pocket and more

Past parties at Ritter Butzke

21 April: GMF 0421 - Easter Sunday Feat. Chris Bekker & 3xnyx feat Omni

20 April: Neverland x Ragnarøk feat Yetti Meißner, Kerstin Eden, deKai, Leon Licht, Empro

19 April: Nachtrausch feat Julian Wassermann, Lukas Meunier, Anton Johnsen, Thomas Maschitzke

18 April: Katzensprung Festival Club Tour Ritter Butzke feat Wareika, Visionquest, Luna City Express, Miss Melera, Marco Tegui and more

14 April: GMF 0414 - Klubnacht feat Andrew Moore

12 April: Sunday Drivers Journey with Midas104, Madmotormiquel, Krink, Schlepp Geist feat Madmotormiquel, Midas 104, Krink, Schlepp Geist, Jan Oberlaender and more

7 April: GMF²³ - The Anniversary feat Maringo

6 April: Purple Disco with Dirty Doering, Moonbootica, Niconé, Kotelett&Zadak... feat Dirty Doering, Moonbootica, Niconé, Kotelett&Zadak, PAJI and more

5 April: One Night Stand feat Robert Babicz, Nico Stojan, Ash Roy, DJ Lion, Camion Bazar and more

29 March: Ritter Rodeo feat Monkey Safari, Jonas Saalbach, Phonique, Leon Licht, Mike Book and more

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