The Cambridge

789 Hunter Street, Newcastle, Australia



Upcoming parties at The Cambridge

12 February: Everclear feat Everclear

17 February: Thundamentals - All This Life with Special Guest Horrorshow feat Thundamentals

25 February: THE SCIENTISTS feat

26 February: Siamese feat Siamese

25 March: The Grogans feat The Grogans

20 April: BEST OF HELMET 1989 - 2023 feat

23 April: The Stranglers feat

12 May: Kraanium feat

13 May: Kisschasy feat Kisschasy

Past parties at The Cambridge

13 January: Adam Newling - 'Barmy' Tour feat Adam Newling

31 December: New Years Eve at The Cambridge feat

16 December: Mall Grab / Speed feat Mall Grab

9 December: The Hard Aches feat The Hard Aches

8 December: Paledusk (JAPAN) Australian Tour feat

4 December: Yours Truly - 'Walk Over My Grave' Tour feat Yours Truly

3 December: Triple One feat Triple One

2 December: Mephiskapheles (USA) + The Resignators (Vic) + Catbite (USA) feat Mephiskapheles

26 November: Chillinit- Big Daddy Tour feat Chillinit

25 November: Chillinit - Big Daddy Tour feat Chillinit